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Boron Carbide (B4C) - Properties and Information about Boron Carbide|TRUNNANO

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Boron Carbide (B4C) - Properties and Information about Boron Carbide|TRUNNANO

Properties of Boron Carbide
Boron carbide and acid, alkali solution does not react, with high chemical level, neutron absorption, wear resistance and semiconductor conductivity. Is one of the most stable substances to acids, stable in all thick or thin acid or alkaline solutions. When some transition metals and their carbides coexist, they have special stability. In 1000 ~ 1100 ℃ under the condition of the periodic table of the first Ⅳ, Ⅴ and Ⅵ transition metal and strong reaction to form metal boride boron carbide powder. It has a Hardness of 9.3 And is the third hardest known substance after diamond and boron nitride.

Applications of Boron Carbide
(1) Nozzle material: Boron carbide has become an important nozzle material due to its ultra-high hardness and excellent wear resistance. Boron carbide nozzle has the advantages of long life, relatively low cost, time saving and high efficiency.
(2) neutron absorption and radiation protection material: element B has a neutron absorption cross section up to 600barn, which is the main material used in nuclear reactor's deceleration-control rod or radiation protection component
(3) Composite armor material: it can be used as light bulletproof vest and bulletproof armor material with its characteristics of light weight, super hard and high modulus. The bulletproof vest made of boron carbide is more than 50% lighter than the steel bulletproof vest of the same type. Boron carbide is also an important bulletproof armor material for land armored vehicles, attack helicopters and civil airliners.
(4) Semiconductor industrial components and thermoelectric components: Boron carbide ceramics with semiconductor properties and good thermal conductivity can be used as high-temperature semiconductor components, but also as gas distribution disk, focusing ring, microwave or infrared window, DC plug in the semiconductor industry. B4C combined with C can be used as a high temperature thermocouple element, with the service temperature up to 2300℃, and also as a radiation resistant thermoelectric element.
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