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How long is the service life of spherical roller bearings

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Introduction to spherical roller bearings
Spherical roller bearings are bearings with drum-shaped rollers assembled between the inner ring with two raceways and the outer ring with spherical raceways. , And can withstand displacement in two directions at the same time. , So it has good centering performance and can compensate for coaxiality errors.
What kind of load can a spherical roller bearing bear?
Spherical roller bearings have two rows of rollers, which mainly bear radial load, but can also bear axial load in any direction. With high radial load capacity, it is especially suitable for working under heavy load or vibration load, but it cannot bear pure axial load. The outer ring raceway of this type of bearing is spherical, so its alignment performance is good, and it can compensate the concentricity error. Spherical roller bearings can support considerable axial and radial load combinations of the rollers and drums used. They can withstand misalignment between the shaft and the bearing housing. The rated life of the bearing in the dryer part should be at least 200,000 h, and the rated life in the other parts should be at least 120,000 h (14 years).

How to install spherical roller bearings?
Spherical roller bearings are equipped with drum-shaped roller bearings between the inner ring with two raceways and the outer ring with spherical raceways. The curvature center of the outer ring raceway surface is consistent with the bearing center, so it has the same centering function as the self-aligning ball bearing. When the shaft and housing are deflected, the load can be adjusted automatically and the axial load in two directions can be adjusted automatically. Large radial load capacity, suitable for heavy load and shock load. The inner diameter of the inner ring is a bearing with a tapered bore, which can be directly installed. Or use an adapter sleeve or a disassembly tube to install it on the cylindrical shaft. The cage uses a steel stamping cage, a polyamide forming cage and a copper alloy car cage.

How to check the clearance of spherical roller bearings?
The feeler gauge measurement method is the main method to detect the clearance of the center-adjustable spherical roller bearing. The method is simple and effective. However, due to the use of the limit gauge method, the definite value of the gap cannot be determined.

What is the difference between ball bearings and roller bearings?
The rolling bearing is a spherical unit with the same purpose as the rolling bearing. The real difference is related to the contact surface between the bearing and the guide rail.
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