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Some commonly used SKF bearing lubrication methods can help you

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Bearing lubrication is to make the normal operation of the bearing, avoid direct contact between the raceway and the surface of the rolling body, reduce friction and wear inside the bearing, prolong the service life of the bearing, improve the performance of the bearing, and prevent foreign body intrusion into the bearing interior caused by rust and corrosion. The following are some commonly used SKF bearing lubrication methods, hoping to help your SKF bearing design.
1. Manual lubrication
This is the original method. When the lubricating oil of the bearing is insufficient, the oiler is used to supply oil. However, this method is difficult to maintain a certain amount of oil. It is even more dangerous to forget to fill your tank because of carelessness. It is usually only used for a light load, low speed or intermittent motion. Install dust caps or ball valves on refueling holes when best operated. And the use of felt, cotton, wool and other filtration devices.
2. Drip lubrication
Usually used for light and medium load bearings with a peripheral speed less than 4~5m/s. The amount of lubricating oil supplied from the container through holes, needles, valves and so on is roughly fixed. The most classic is the drip cup, which varies greatly depending on the viscosity of the lubricating oil, bearing clearance and the position of the oil supply hole.
3. Oil ring lubrication
The oil in the sump can be transported to the bearing by means of a rotating ring that is hung on the shaft (for horizontal shaft lubrication only). Suitable for medium-speed and high-speed bearings with shaft diameters greater than 50mm. The oil ring is preferably seamless. When the bearing aspect ratio is less than 2, only one oil ring can be used, otherwise, two oil rings are needed.
4. Oil rope lubrication
The oil in the oil cup is guided to the bearing by the capillary and siphon action of the oil core, which is mainly used for light and medium load bearings with a circumferential velocity less than 4~5m/s. In addition, the wick can filter the entire process. The role of.
5. Oil pad lubrication
Using the capillary action of the oil pad, the lubricating oil in the oil pool is applied to the surface of the shaft diameter. This method keeps the surface clean, but dust can also clog pores and cause a lack of oil supply. The oil supply for pad lubrication is usually only 1/20 of that for oil lubrication.
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