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Use of single row deep groove ball bearings

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Single row deep groove ball bearings are the most representative structure in rolling bearings and have a wide range of applications. The raceways located on the inner and outer rings have a cross section of a circular arc with a radius slightly larger than the radius of the rolling ball. In addition to bearing radial load, it can also bear axial load in two directions. The friction torque is small, which is most suitable for applications requiring high-speed rotation, low noise and low vibration. In addition to the open type, there are bearings with steel dust cover, bearings with rubber seals, or bearings with a stop ring on the outer diameter of the outer ring. Generally, steel stamping cages are used. Mainly applicable cages: steel stamping cages (wave, crown shape...single row; S shape...double row); copper alloy or phenolic resin cutting cages, synthetic resin forming cages.
Automobiles: rear wheels, transmissions, electrical components; electrical: general motors, household appliances. Others: instruments, internal combustion engines, construction machinery, railway vehicles, handling machinery, agricultural machinery, various industrial machinery.
The most widely used bearing types for single row deep groove ball bearing housings:
1. Basic design of open bearing
2. Sealed bearings
3. Oil-sealed bearing unit
4. Bearings with stop groove, with or without stop ring
Other deep groove ball bearings for special applications:
1. Hybrid ceramic bearings
2. Electrically insulated bearings
3. High temperature bearing
4. Solid oil bearings
5. Sensor bearing

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