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FCL operation process for international maritime transport


The international carriage of goods by sea refers to the act that the carrier carries the goods consigned by the shipper from one port to another port by sea in accordance with the provisions of the contract of carriage of goods by sea.

International Ocean Freight is the most important mode of transportation in international trade. More than two-thirds of the total volume of international trade is carried by Ocean Freight, and most of China's import and export goods are carried by Ocean Freight.

Ocean transport volume is large, shipping costs are low, the waterway is accessible, is its advantage. However, slow speed, high sailing risk and difficult to determine the sailing date are its shortcomings. According to the mode of operation of ships, international maritime transport can be divided into liner transport and charter transport.

FCL operation process for international maritime transport

1. Sales: for the contract of dangerous goods (chemical products), customers shall be required to provide detailed information of their products, including correct Chinese and English names, ingredient list, hazard rating, etc.; Prior consultation with carrier (shipowner) is required.

2. Quotation: Make preliminary quotations to customers according to their specific shipping requirements, including characteristics of goods, port of destination, shipping schedule, delivery conditions, and other special requirements; The quotation sheet includes: sea freight + surcharge + dock fee + customs clearance fee + document

Piece fee + towing fee (+ other agency fees); The approximate shipping date should also be provided in the quotation form; Never guarantee the shipping date to the customer;

3. Power of attorney: The client shall fill in the specific information according to the content of the "Power of Attorney", complete and clear, and complete the content of the "Power of Attorney".

4. Booking space and trailer: strict requirements and close attention to the timeliness of the trailer company;

5. Container lifting and loading: the whole set of customs declaration documents shall be complete, and the customer shall stamp the company's official seal on the documents with specific requirements;

6, customs declaration and release: to the customs to submit a full set of documents, customs review and according to the declaration of goods and documents, spot check or by the freight agent self-check (consequences), and according to the category of goods, in accordance with the provisions of the national law to collect taxes, and fill in the verification sheet, so that after the export of goods, the owner of the tax refund. If unqualified, return the order and review again.

7. Handover with shipowner and shipowner agent: after handing in the customs release paper, ask the shipowner (agent) for the name and voyage information of the first voyage ship to prepare the bill of lading; Check the original bill of lading with the shipowner (agent), pay the freight to the shipowner (agent), get the shipowner bill of lading (MB/L); Check bill of lading with shipowner (agent), deliver freight to shipowner (agent), arrange telex release procedure;

8. Release of BILL of lading: In general, after loading the goods back to the site, we will confirm the specific requirements of the bill of lading with the customer, whether to issue the shipowner's bill of lading (MB/L) or the forwarder's bill of lading (HB/L), and at the same time, ask the customer to provide the information of the contents of the bill of lading;

9. Collect freight

10. Pick up the goods by exchange at destination

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