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Introduction to Deep Well Plates


Introduction to Deep Well Plates

Since 2020, nucleic acid extraction has become increasingly common in our lives due to Covid-19. Deep well plates play a very important role in RNA extraction. The demand for high-quality and high-throughput biological and chemical specimen repositories is greater than ever.


What is a deep well plate?

Deep well plates are ideal for sample storage - short and long-term, tissue culture work, enzymatic assays, and can be used as reagent containers.


What is a deep well plate used for?

Deep-well plates are used for a variety of applications, including compound storage, fraction collection, sample mixing, and preparation. Choosing the right deep well plate for your application can mean different results and great results.

This plate is ideal for medium or long-term storage of samples and applications where storage tubes may not be required. The boards have a temperature range of -80°C to +121°C and can be sealed with heat seal film.

The most popular 2.2mL volumes have square-hole "U" bottoms and square-hole "V" bottoms, with or without skirting. Available in clear, white, and light cyan.


Gene 96-well plate

Geneture 96-well plates are designed for high-throughput screening (HTS) of large sample volumes, sample storage, cell culture, and DNA/RNA extraction. This product is durable and has high temperature and chemical resistance.

Geneture Medical Technology has over 10 years of experience in manufacturing DNA/RNA extraction products and laboratory consumables. Don't hesitate to contact us for more information.


Professional manufacturer of Nucleic Acid (DNA & RNA) Extraction and Analysis products PCR sealing film supplier

GENETURE is a group company,we own two factories: Ascend and Dianrun,to provide one stop solution of Nucleic Acid Extraction and Analysis,including solution for COVID-19. Geneture provides high quality and professional Nucleic Acid Extraction Reagents, Lab consumables, Real-time PCR consumables and test machines.

GENETURE main products including: Nucleic acid extraction or purification kit, Automatic nucleic acid extractor, PCR system, PCR kit, Magnetic beads, and lab consumables of 96 well deep plate, Magnetic rod comb, PCR tube, PCR plate, Pipette tips, centrifuge tubes.

Please feel free to contact us for the latest prices.


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