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Introduction to Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

An Introduction Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

Titanium carbide or TiC is a well-known transition metal carbide featuring a NaCl cube crystals, high melting point, hardness as well as a very high Young's permeability, high quality chemical stability, excellent wear and corrosion resistance as well as good thermal and electrical conductivity. Therefore, it offers an array of uses with great potential for cutting tools for aerospace, components for aerospace, wear-resistant coatings, foam ceramics and infrared radiation materials.

Utilization of Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

1. Utilized to create various multiphase materials

Titanium carbide ceramics belong to extremely hard tool materials, TiC and TiN along with WC, A12O and various other raw materials comprised of different multiphase ceramic materials These ceramics have a high melting point, hardness, and high and excellent chemical stability. is the best material for cutting tools and wear-resistant equipment and also they have excellent electrical conductivity, is the preferred material for electrodes.

Cutting tools: Due to an amount of TiC hard particle dispersion within the matrix, composite cutting tools don't just improve the toughness however, they also certain extent, improve crack toughness, which is greater than the raw tool's cutting. This can be a big improvement. A12o3-tic system ceramics can also be used as armor-grade materials. as a tool material the hardness is higher than (C N, C), and Ti(C N, C) because of N to help it work on steel, and other cutting materials the friction coefficient much lower. It has many advantages when cutting. Through the combination of the advantages of Ti and (C, N) to form multiphase ceramics, it is a promising tool material can be prepared.

2. As coating materials

Diamond coating: This manufacturing process of diamond tools uses generally the powder metallurgy impregnation method. Due to the high interfacial energy between diamond and generally-used metal or alloy, the diamond surface cannot be filled with alloys or other metals that has a low melting and its bonding capability is poor. Recent years have seen many researchers have conducted a great deal of research on enhancing the strength of bonds between diamond and metal matrix. The method of active metal is the most commonly used, namely, adding some titanium to the metal bond, vanadium, chromium and other active metals. When used to sinter liquids, the active metal is high carbon compound forms elements, and the diamond affinity is huge, which allows for increase the surface of the diamond which allows the metallurgical combination of metal bond and diamond. The strength of the interface is determined by the amount of active metal, sintering temperature and time as well as other parameters, and requires an extrusion of the binder to ensure the enrichment and enlargement of active metal to the interface due to the fact that this method is not suitable for hot press for sintering diamond and powder over a brief time solid phase.

3. Useful for preparing foam ceramics

For filtration, foam ceramics effectively removes inclusions in any fluid, and its filtration mechanism is agitation and adsorption. The filter must have the chemical solidity of the substance, especially in the metallurgical process with a high melting point filter, so this type of material can become oxide in the majority, but also to adapt to the metal melt, the most important goal of thermal shock resistance. Titanium carbide foams have stronger strength, harderness heat and electrical conductivity, and also have better resistance to heat and corrosion than oxide foam ceramics.

4. Infrared radiation ceramics are used in materials

Titanium carbide is a type of intermetallic compound, usually demonstrated good chemical stability, no changes in valence state and it is under high-temperature reduction in the production of samples. Some titanium ions exhibit a delay phenomenon to manifest, and are aimed at the solid titanium ion melting into the structure of the cordierite the structure. This is followed by a change in the structure. Compared with a single material that has a single structure, the radiation efficiency of this material is clearly improved, which is ideal for applications in the area of high temperatures.

Main Supplier of Titanium Carbide TiC Powder

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