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IKO Bearing Life

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IKO is a registered trademark of Thomson Corporation of Japan. It is a technology and technology development-oriented manufacturer of industrial accessories. Its products are mainly needle bearings and guide rail bearings. The products produced by IKO have become representatives of high-quality brand-name products, and the promise of convenient and fast service for users is realized through a global marketing network.
Clearance measurement
IKO imported bearing clearance measurement:
1. The clearance measurement of the bearing monomer;
2. The clearance measurement of the bearing installed on the shaft or adapter sleeve.
IKO imported bearing life cannot accurately assess the length of life of bearings in all applications, so some new life assessment methods have been proposed for some operating conditions, such as noise life, lubrication life and accuracy life. Bearing operating conditions and life evaluation standards.
Fatigue life. During the operation of the rolling bearing, it bears a certain load, even if it is static load, but for the steel ball and raceway, the stress is cyclical, and the material will experience rolling fatigue so that the bearing reaches its life. The phenomenon is that a part of the rolling surface material suddenly falls off like fish scales. This phenomenon is called fatigue peeling.

Noise life, for household appliances bearings, IKO imported bearings bear very little load, and the bearing life is very long. However, after a certain period of operation, the bearing will also cause wear, increased vibration and noise, and deterioration of grease. Due to the strict requirements on the noise of the bearing of household appliances, when the noise of the bearing exceeds the allowable range, it is considered that the bearing cannot be used. The total time of low noise bearing operation is called bearing noise life.
Lubrication life, household appliances bearings usually use maintenance-free grease-lubricated sealed bearings. Although bearing lubrication requires only a small amount of lubricant, after a long period of operation, due to the deterioration and leakage of the grease, the bearing is poorly lubricated, which causes the bearing to fail. The total time that the bearing runs under good lubrication is called the bearing life.
IKO needle roller bearings are rotary bearings with elongated needle rollers. Compared with ball bearings, needle roller bearings have the characteristics of low cross-section and high load capacity. The use of needle roller bearings can contribute to the simplification of the overall machinery and space saving. It is widely used in industries such as automobiles, motorcycles, printing machinery, industrial robots and construction equipment.
Bearing type
Cam follower bearings for easy installation, C-LUBE cam follower bearings, pocket cam follower bearings, pocket cam follower bearings with thrust washers, cam follower bearings for heavy loads, cam follower bearing self-lubricating components, rollers Driven bearings, high-rigidity crossed roller bearings with mounting holes, high-rigidity crossed roller bearings, standard crossed roller bearings, thin crossed roller bearings, etc.

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