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What is a spherical roller bearing

wallpapers News 2021-07-27
Spherical roller bearing
Spherical roller bearings have double-row rollers, the outer ring has a common spherical raceway, and the inner ring has two raceways that are inclined at an angle relative to the bearing axis. This ingenious structure makes it have self-aligning performance, so it is not easy to be affected by the angle of the shaft and the bearing housing on the error or shaft bending. It is suitable for installation errors or shaft deflection caused by angle errors. In addition to being able to withstand radial loads, the bearing can also withstand bidirectional axial loads.
The structure type of spherical roller bearing
Spherical roller bearings have cylindrical and conical bores. The taper of the conical cone bore is 1:30 and 1:12. This conical bore bearing is equipped with an adapter sleeve or a withdrawal sleeve. The tapered inner hole self-aligning ball bearing can be conveniently and quickly assembled on the optical shaft or the stepper shaft.
The use of spherical roller bearings
Mainly applicable cage: stamped steel plate reinforced cage. Stamped steel plate type cage, glass fiber reinforced polyamide 66 cages, machined brass two-piece cage. Machined brass integral cage, a stamped steel cage for vibration occasions. Brass cage for vibration occasions. The same structure may have different codes on the bearings.
Main applications of spherical roller bearings: papermaking machinery, reduction gears, railway vehicle axles, rolling mill gearbox bearing seats, rolling mill rolls, crushers, vibrating screens, printing machinery, woodworking machinery, various industrial reducers, vertical self-aligning bearings.
Spherical roller bearings supplier
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